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  • platonic solids resource

  • 17 top tips to maximise your marks at CE

    Dr. Essex’s top tips for boys who want to get maximum marks at CE!!

    1. Have all your equipment ready and organised early: calculator, drawing set, pencils etc. etc. TAKE IT TO THE EXAM!

    2. Read the question carefully (RTQ)

    3. Follow instructions carefully

    4. Speed and accuracy – together – are the key

    5. Show working!!!! (for any question with more than 1 mark)

    6. Sense check your answers. Ask yourself, “Does that make sense?” Estimate the answer up front and then check your final answer against your estimate.

    7. Revise most the topics you dislike or feel less comfortable with

    8. Revise and practise rounding to significant figures and to decimal places

    9. Round as instructed in the question: to 3 s.f. , to the nearest litre, to the nearest penny etc.

    10. Be precise

    • E.g. don’t round in the middle of a calculation... only ever round at the end. In the middle keep the numbers you need in ANS or the memory of your calculator. (The fractions button can also help here.)
    • E.g. in your constructions

    11. SHOW WORKING for every question which has more than 1 mark

    12. Don’t get bogged down in any one question. If you can’t get it circle it and come back to it. Remember the marks are spread evenly throughout the paper. If you do not get to the last three questions (say) you will only have a maximum score of about 75% even if you get all the other’s correct... which you are unlikely to do.

    13. Always use a pair of compasses to construct a straight line to an accurate length

    14. Angles questions: spot the isosceles or equilateral triangles (with equal sides), learn your exterior and interior angles of polygons, learn your quadrilaterals.

    15. Bearings – bearing is always from somewhere to somewhere else, learn how to construct  a second north line

    16. Don‘t panic (Mr. Mannering ... ask your parents!)

    17. Be as healthy as you can be. Get enough sleep. Eat properly. Eat breakfast.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

    • Prep for Dr. Essex's and Mr. Chapman's sets: 120914

      120914 - PREP for Dr. Essex's and Mr. Chapman's sets

      Revising and practising algebra (no inequalities)

      Due Monday 15 Sept.


      Print off this document and complete your prep in the spaces on the sheets. Show appropriate working e.g. not how many marks there are for each Q. Hand your completed work in in your maths lesson on Monday.

      Note: Pages 1 and 7 were in last week's prep but many of you made quite a few mistakes. On pages 1 and 7 just redo those you got wrong last week based on your learning and practice this week.

      Dr. Essex's set:  Any who have still not completed the google doc (reflection, targets and next schools) must complete it this weekend in addition. (You need to use the browser CHROME).

      Note: It is your responsibility to print, complete and submit your prep on time. Boys who fail to do this will receive a sanction. 


      Dr. Essex's and Mr. Chapman's sets: Prep Friday 19 September 

      Due Monday 22 Sept. 

      Do the attached Junior Maths Challenge.


      1. Answer in your books. It will be scored as per the real JMC (read the instructions on the paper) so bear this in mind.

      2. In addition to the letter of the correct answer YOU MUST GIVE a brief explanation of why you think this e.g. brief working out, your logic, diagram or neat jottings etc. 

      Good luck!

    • Topic 30

      October HALF TERM PREP

      Dr. Essex's and Mr. Chapman's Sets

      1. Do the Level 3 calculator paper you were given in class on Thursday 17/10 (see below): 8 June 2010

      For those not in South Africa, also do 2 and 3:

      2. Complete the non-calc paper we began in class on Friday 18/10 (see below): 2 June 2008

      3. On the evening of Friday 25 /10/13 the answers will be available here. Mark the rest of your paper and do all your corrections

      Hand in both the calc paper (not marked) and the non-calc paper (marked by yourself and corrected) Monday 28 October 2013 in your next maths lesson.

    • Using Venn Diagrams to identify highest common factors and lowest common multiples

      Watch this video!

    • CE Set 1 and 2 Prep 260914 (Dr. Essex and Mr. Chapman)

      CE SETS 1 and 2 PREP 260914 (DR. ESSEX AND MR CHAPMAN)


      Nov 2011 Level 3 non-calc paper (minus the inequalities)

      Do all questions. Write answers and working on the sheets.


    • CE SETS 1 and 2 PREP 031014 - Dr. Essex, Mr. Chapman/ Mr. Eagar

      CE SETS 1 and 2 PREP 031014 - Dr. Essex and Mr. Chapman/Mr. Eagar

      Calculator Paper, Level 3, Jan 2009

      Due Monday 06/10/14

      Reminder: on calc papers you must write down the numbers and operations you put into your calculator as well as any other working to get working marks which account for more than 40% of marks on the paper.

      On a 2 or 3 mark question only 1 mark is ever for the answer. The rest are for sensible and clear working shown. 

      Who wants to lose out on more than 40%?

      Dr. Essex

    • CE Set 1, 2 and 3 Prep (Dr. Essex, Mr. Chapman's and Mr Millburn-Fryer's sets) 10-10-14

    • HALF TERM PREP for Mr. Chapman and Dr. Essex's Sets

      Half term prep for Mr. Chapman and Dr. Essex's Sets

      Due Monday 27 October

      1. Do the following two papers. Hand BOTH in on Monday 27 October.

      The non-calc paper should be marked (use mark scheme attached). 

      Start to get familiar with how CE mark schemes work. Note carefully where there are marks for answers (A) and marks for specific working (M). Only that specific working gets working marks. A correct answer without working does not get the working marks. An answer rounded incorrectly does not get the working marks.

      The calc paper should not be marked.

      2. In addition Dr. Essex's set should bring their folders in for me to look at on Monday 27 October.

    • Dr. Essex's and Mr. Chapman/ Eagar's CE sets PREP 31-10-14

      Dr. Essex's and Mr. Chapman/ Eagar's CE sets PREP 31-10-14


      ALL working and answers on the sheet. 

      Due Monday 3 November. 

    • Prep 071114: Dr. Essex and Mr.Chapman/ Eagar CE Sets

      Prep 071114: Dr. Essex and Mr.Chapman/ Eagar CE Sets

      Due Monday 101114

      Calculator paper November 2012

    • Dr. Essex's Set: Prep 28 November 2014

      Dr. Essex's Set: Prep 28 November 2014

      Due Monday 1 December 2014.

      1. Complete all your corrections in pen and in full on your calc and non-calc mocks papers

      2. Complete the following self-reflection form - analyse where you lost marks in the mocks and set yourself targets to address these.

      Print out the form and stick it in your maths book. 

      3. Hand in on Monday your corrected papers and your self-reflection form. I will give you your papers back for you to file and keep once I have reviewed your corrections and self-reflection.

    • Winter Holiday Work 2014


      Level 3 for Dr. Essex's and Mr. Chapman/ Eagar's CE classes. Compulsory for all boys who attained less than 60% on either mock paper (calc or non-calc).

      Level 2 and 3 for Mr. Millburn-Fryer's set - depending on which you are expecting to sit in June. Compulsory for all boys in Mr. Millburn-Fryer's set.

    • Merchant Taylors Preparation for Winter Holidays 2014

      Merchant Taylors Preparation for Winter  Holidays 2014

      If you are doing MTS entrance exam in Jan work through these four papers and mark as per the answer schemes.

    • 8B case work

      You need not do the whole papers (or any, in fact, if you are confident with your basics) but should focus on algebra basics and fractions. You can also pick and choose from the level 3 work and MTS papers

    • Dr. Essex's and Mr. Chapman's Sets - Prep 160115

      Dr. Essex's and Mr. Chapman's Sets - Prep 160115

      Merchant Taylor's School 13+ Entrance Exam 2013 Calculator Paper - 1 hr

      Please print out and do all the questions on the sheets. Show all working, units, and rounding used.

    • Bearings - Constructing a new N line

      1. See this short video which shows how to USE A SET SQUARE and a RULER to construct parallel lines e.g. a new N line.

      2. This is an alternative way to constructing a new N line using a protractor and co-interior angles (as shown to Dr. Essex's and Mr. Chapman's sets wc 12 Jan). 

      (When completing accurate constructions not bearings I would still recommend the latter method. It is clearly a construction and I (personally) find it easier, quicker and more accurate in either situation.)

      Dr. Essex

    • Prep for Mr. Chapman's and Dr. Essex's Sets 230115

      Prep for Mr. Chapman's and Dr. Essex's Sets 230115

      Follow the instructions on Page 1.

      Please zoom in to the page to read the Qs and see the images properly.

      Due Monday 260115.

    • Prep: Mr. Chapman's and Dr. Essex's Sets 30-01-15

      Prep: Mr. Chapman's and Dr. Essex's Sets 30-01-15

      Winchester entrance paper 2012.

      Very good practice even if you are not doing Wincheter. Level 3 syllabus but Qs of a different style (same content, different style). 

      On this paper calc may be used.

      Do all questions.

    • Prep 060215 - Dr. Essex's and Mr. Chapman's Sets

      Due 090215

      Level 3 calc paper Summer 2012

    • Dr. Essex's Set: Prep 20-03-15

      3 investigations. Do them in your books. Follow the advice and hints given.

      Due Monday 23 March.

    • CE EASTER HOLIDAY PREP (all 3 sets)

      ALL TO be handed in on Tuesday 21 April - marked or unmarked as listed below.

      All Level 3 candidates

      1) January 2012 CE Paper Non-Calculator L3.

      Mark it yourself against the mark scheme which will be posted HERE on 15-16 April. THE MARKSCHEMES ARE NOW POSTED BELOW 15/04.

      2) January 2012 CE Paper Calculator L3

      Hand in unmarked.

      All Candidates

      Do the paper and review the worked answers JMC 2001.

      Hand in marked paper on 21 April.

      Level 2 Candidates

      1) Do the calc and non-calc papers given to you by Mr. Millburn-Fryer.

      2) Mark the non-calc paper yourself against the markscheme which will be posted HERE on 15-16 April. THEY ARE NOW POSTED BELOW 15/04. 

      3) Hand in both calc paper (unmarked) and non-calc paper (marked) and the JMC on 21 April. 

      Have a rest too. Good luck with your revision!

    • Mr Chapman's Set

      Fill in the revision list and write down your weak areas using the Moodle, Paul Forte and MyMaths as a resource.

      There is also a Level 3 Calculator paper from November 2014

    • Mr Chapman's Set - Revision

      You have a number of resources to help you revise over half term, including:

      - Paul Forte

      - MyMaths

      - Exercise Book

      - Folder with past papers and classwork

      - Moodle (general revision notes, as well as past papers and worksheets)

      I have added questions for a number of CE topics below and you can email me for the answers when necessary

    • Lowest Common Multiple and Highest Common Factor

      Lowest Common Multiple and Highest Common Factor

    • Yr 8 CE Alfie Prep 4 December 2015

      Yr 8 CE Alfie Prep 4 December 2015

      Due Monday 7 December - unless advised otherwise by your Maths teacher.

      1. Click on the below link to the Alfie test.

      2. Login using your name as on our school system (full name not abbreviation) and date of birth. As you type in your name, select from the available options which are there to help you.

      3. Complete the multiple choice questions. Remember since it is multiple choice, use elimination to help you most efficiently get to the right answer (eliminate the unlikely answers first).

      4. You may use rough paper for working and a calculator.

      5. Allow 60 mins, however there is no time limit on this test.

      Good luck!

    • Miss Howell's Set: Feb Half-Term Prep Answers

      Miss Howell's Set: Feb Half-Term Prep Answers

      Please mark your work against these markschemes. Hand in your paper on Monday 22 February.

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